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How To Bring Car Battery Back To Life?

The cars are the most trusted and preferred means of transport that can ease your transportation. The automobile industry has grown and progressed as compared to the last few years. The people pay a lot of money to purchase cars but also suffer a lot when some parts of the car don’t work properly. It is very important to understand that a car battery is one of the very essential components of your automobile and it is very important to be aware of the functioning. Remember, the knowledge about the car battery will help you to avoid emergency breakdowns. In the present times, there are certain manufacturers who have released the products like instant power jump boxes that are similar to power banks and can be used in emergencies like a car battery gets dead. In this article, you will get to learn the basic steps to bring a car battery back to life when you do not have a Car Mechanic.

Basic steps to deal with the car battery back to life

Here are the simple steps along with the methods to fix any dead car battery and bring back to life:

  1. Basic requirements:  The process to deal with the dead battery will require you to assemble simple ingredients such as safety goggles, rubber gloves, apron, jump starter, voltmeter, funnel, water buckets, distilled water, baking soda, cleaning tools, and more. These ingredients will gradually be used in the process. Clean battery terminals: The battery terminals are manufactured from metal and will have a layer of rust, just prepare a solution of baking soda along with distilled water using a brush to clean the rust.
  2. Check voltage: When you are looking for a Car Mechanic Near Me to fix the issues in cars then this step requires the voltage meter in order to check the voltage status of your battery. Remember, you have to connect the voltage meter with battery terminals and then check the readings of the same. If the reading is lower than 12.6V then you will have to revive the battery.
  3. Clean the battery acid: Use the screwdriver open the battery lid gently and carefully pour out the old battery acid in the plastic container. Just place the empty battery carefully and add half a pound of baking soda into the bucket with the old battery acid. Remember the baking soda will easily neutralize the acid.
  4. You have to clean the cells of the battery: Just prepare a mixture of baking soda in distilled water and use the funnel pour to pour the solution in the cells of the battery. Once full, close the lids and battery for a minute or two. The solution will easily clean the inside of the batteries.
  5. Recondition battery: It requires the preparation of electrolyte solution by mixing half a pound of Epsom salt in boiling distilled water. Remember, when the solution is crystal clear then you can start to pour the battery cell by using the clear funnel. The cells should be filled completely and then close the lids. The electrolyte solution will increase the voltage that the car will need from the battery.
  6. Charge the discharged battery:  It requires the use of a car battery charger, just affixes the correct terminals of both the devices and leaves it on slow charge for a day. It is important to understand that the breakdown is caused by dead batteries on a device such as a car battery charger portable power pack.
  7. Battery test: Car Mechanic Near Me if not there then, use a voltmeter and test the voltage level of the battery. If the voltmeter reads 12.4 V then the life of your battery is safe. If it is not the same then you have to leave it on charging for another day till it reaches to 12.4V.

In a conclusive viewpoint

We hope that by now you have got a clear picture of bringing the car battery to life. However, if you still have queries related to the topic then we recommend you look for Home Service near me. It is very important to fix the batteries for the smooth functioning of your cars just fix the mechanical glitches as soon as possible to avoid any issues in the future.


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