Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump

How To Fix a Fuel Pump Without Replacing It?

The worst thing that could early morning is that you step out of your house for work and your car won’t start? Well, drivers face car problems every now and then, probably because of a dead battery, a defective alternator, or a failed starter. But the biggest nightmare would be when you ignore these problems, and your car stops functioning in the middle of a forest due to a faulty fuel pump. Then, what will you do?

Here is your guide to help you fix the fuel pump without replacing it. But before we jump to the solution, let’s find out how you can understand the condition of your car fuel pump.

What is a fuel pump?

The fuel pump performs the job of supplying fuel to the engine. The fuel pump is connected to the tank and it draws gas from the tank to the carburetor, where the gas is mixed with air before it is supplied to the engine. There are mainly three types of fuel pumps: Mechanical pumps, electrical pumps, and direct injection high-pressure pumps.

Signs indicating that you need to fix the fuel pump

The faulty fuel pump can affect your car performance and therefore, you first need to identify the signs to know where the issue is and how to fix the fuel pump:

  1. Your car will stall when the temperature increases.
  2. Another symptom is your car will jerk or sputter at high speed.
  3. The car will suddenly surge even while you’re driving at a usual speed.
  4. Poor gas mileage.
  5. An unpleasant sound comes from the fuel pump.
  6. The car will lose power while performing activities like carrying heavy cargo or driving uphill.
  7. You will have to start your car several times.
  8. The engine will need more fuel during acceleration, as the bad fuel pump will not provide a consistent flow of fuel.

The thing to keep in mind before you fix the fuel pump

After you notice the red flags, you need to figure out the best ways to fix the car fuel pump. Here are a few things that you have to check before attempting a temporary fuel pump fix:

  1. Fuel Level – Check the fuel level and ensure that there is sufficient fuel in the tank.
  2. Fuel Pump Noise – Turn the ignition on and listen to the fuel pump sound properly. If you are not able to diagnose the problem, check the electrical circuit.
  3. Fuel Filter –Confirm if the fuel filter is blocked or not.
  4. Fuel pressure Regulator – Ensure that the regulator is dry, otherwise the car will not work properly if the regulator has oil in it.

Step-by-step guide for temporary fuel pump fix

Step-by-step guide for temporary fuel pump fix:

Step 1: Prepare the car

  1. Detach the vacuum line that connects to the fuel pressure regulator, and see if the regulator has fuel inside it.
  2. Connect the vacuum line after checking fuel pressure regulator.

Step 2: Use a fuel pressure gauge

  1. Remove the protective cap and attach the pressure gauge with the port of the fuel pump.
  2. Open the test gauge.
  3. Ensure that you fit the gauge to the right adapter and attach the line to the fuel test port.
  4. If you are unable to find a test port, use a fuel filter adapter.

Step 3: Apply external pressure

  1. Turn the ignition key to ON mode.
  2. Notice whether there is any pressure that is reflecting on the gauge or not. If it is reflecting, then it is absolutely fine.
  3. If there isn’t, you have to examine the relay and the fuse in the Power Distribution Center (PDC).

Step 4: Maintain the engine heat

This is another trick that can reduce the car engine’s malfunctioning. All you need to do is maintain the moderate temperature to bring the pump to its normal functioning. The pump fails to work when the engine gets heated up. So, it is better not to keep the engine too hot or too cold.


How much does it cost to fix a fuel pump?

The average cost to fix fuel pump depends on your vehicle and labor force. If you are opting for a replacement, then the cost differs according to the quality of the fuel pump used.

How to start a car with a bad fuel pump?

You have to apply extra pressure in order to start a car with a bad fuel pump.

What causes a fuel pump to stop working?

When the fuel pump inside the car engine gets adequate fuel flow, the pump remains lubricated. But when there is an insufficient flow, it might lead to fuel pump failure.

Can I drive my car with a bad fuel pump?

Your car engine will struggle to move forward if the fuel pump does not have enough fuel flow.

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