How to fix major rust on a car?

How to Fix Major Rust On a Car?

Who admires a rusty car? Nobody. Rust acts like a silent killer. If you notice any rust spots on your car, do not ignore them. Even though manufacturers have introduced cutting-edge adhesives and technology to deal with this rust problem, cars are still left in a dilapidated condition due to corrosion. It is a sign that your car is in dire need of major rust repair because a little rust has the capability to disintegrate the car components, and affect its resale value.

Why do cars rust?

Rust is a reddish or yellow-brown, flaky coating that is formed by the electrochemical breakdown of iron-based metals. When metal is exposed to moisture for a long time, it begins to oxidize and thus, rust (iron oxide) accumulates on the surface.

– Scratched or chipped areas of a car are prone to rusting.
– Extreme weather conditions play a prominent factor in rust formation as heavy rains make cars more vulnerable to rust.

If you have a car with rusted parts that does not mean that your vehicle is doomed. Once you know about the main rust locations and how to fix it with major rust repair, then you can easily bid adieu to these ominous brown stains.

Rust prevention

Vehicular decay is preventable and it is recommended to prevent the infestation of rust rather than fixing it. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind to protect your car from rusting:

  1. Wash your car regularly and thoroughly. Make sure that you wash road grime, salts, and other chemicals that can lead to corrosion.
  2. Use rust-protective sealant on the areas of the car that are susceptible to rust.
  3. Clean the drain holes along the bottoms of doors to allow rainwater to flow out.
  4. Wax your car regularly.

Your guide for major rust repair

Major rust repair is not hard, but it is definitely time-consuming. So, follow the directions given below carefully and get started with the repair work:

Prep Work

There are some tools that are essential for rust repair. You need to buy the following tools from the hardware store to get ready for a rust repair job:

– Surgical mask or respirator
– Electric drill with sanding disc attachment
– Protective goggles
– Touch-up paint
– Paint primer
– Rust resistant primer
– Sandpaper
– Grinding wheel

Mask off the repair area

– Cover every part of the car that won’t be painted using masking paper and tape.
– Mask the nearby panels too if you are planning to prime the car because sparks can spoil the paint.

Grind off the rust

Wear your safety goggles and scrape the rusty spots using fine-grit sandpaper until you see the metal surface.

Clean with detergent

Clean the unmasked area with a grease-cutting dishwashing detergent and rinse water. Wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth to remove dirt.

Apply paint primer

Give final touches to the car by spraying a thin layer of rust-resistant primer on the affected area. As the primer dries up, don’t forget to sand it smooth.

Paint your car

Use a bottle of touch up paint that matches your car and applies the colored base coat.

Spray on the clear coat

Once you’ve completed the process of sanding, and painting, give a glossy new look to your car by applying a clear coat. Let it dry.

If there is a small rust spot in your car, then it is fine! But remember that rust can spread quickly and ruin your entire car in no time and no brand of car is protected from rust. Once the rust causes structural damage, it is always recommended to talk to a professional or fully licensed car mechanic. The experts will take care of your car issues and will perform major rust repair without any hassle.

how to fix major rust


Is fixing the rust on a car worth it?

Major rust repair are different from dent repairs. The former is beneficial in the short-run because rust locations like underframe and panels can cause problems to you and your co-passengers while driving.

How do you neutralize rust on a car?

Use fine-grit sandpaper to scrape the rusty spots until the bright metal is visible. Then apply rust arrestor. Use a bottle of automotive primer after the rust arrestor has dried up. This is followed by painting the affected area.

How much is it to fix rust on a car?

The cost of major rust repair is determined by the amount of rust area that you wish to get fixed and what materials are being used for the same.

Can rust destroy a car?

Rust cannot only destroy a car physically, but it can also reduce its resale value.

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